From the Creative mind of Tim Baxter

Ode to J. Dilla

If you are a fan of 90’s hiphop, then you probably bobbed your head to one of J. Dilla’s beats. James Dewitt Yancey, better known as J...

Dear Mama

Inspired by the Hulu documentary of the same name

Brooklyn’s Finest

The legendary Christopher Wallace, better know as Biggie Smalls, a.k.a Biggie

Affirmation Of A King

Africa is the inspiration, the warrior’s spirit is the motivation, glory be to God

Point Gods

Inspired by the documentary NYC point Gods, featuring God Shammgod.

The Secretary of Defense

Never a Boston fan but all respect due to the 11-time NBA champion, first Black Head NBA coach…let that sink in when we argue who’s the...

Inner Spirit

Her Godly beliefs are strengthened and nurtured by her ancestors

Stand Strong

She must stand strong in the midst of those attempting to deceive and conquer.

Red Velvet

As decedent and sweet as the cake of the same name…she can be dangerous to those not worthy

Evolution of a Queen

This piece represents the powerful relationship between a woman’s cultural heritage, how she perceives herself, and her journey of...

Afros and Butterflies

Celebrating the timeless beauty and strength of a black woman. The artwork elegantly captures the harmonious fusion of two powerful...

Put yours hands where your eyes can see

This captivating drawing, ingeniously fuses the younger and older versions of one of the most underrated hip hop artists of all time, Busta...